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Steiner Binoculares 8x22 Predator

Nº de producto: 52202
Fabricante: Steiner

$ 174,00

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$ 57,27

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Ahorra: $ 116,00
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Steiner Binoculares 8x22 Predator
Steiner Binoculares 8x22 Predator
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Descripción del producto:

As their sole distributor in Germany, we can exclusively offer these brand-name binoculars from Steiner to you at a greatly reduced price.

La descripción de este producto no está disponible en español. Esperamos que la versión en inglés le sea de utilidad. En cualquier caso, sentimos las molestias.

The Steiner Predator Series was made for hunters who demand all-around capability in their optics - mobility without weight, ease of use and bright picture in any light. With its lightweight roof prism design, game-revealing CAT™ (color adjusted transmission) coatings and excellent low-light performance, this is the perfect choice for turkey hunters, bowhunters, black powder enthusiasts and anyone who hunts the early season or in heavy cover.

  • CAT™ Color Adjusted Transmission
    amplifies contrast in the peak human vision sensitivity range, to spot game in any environment.
  • Fast-Close-Focus
    central focusing wheel requires minimal rotation for quick, absolute sharpness from close up to infinity.
  • Lightweight Roof Prism Design
    has less bulk to fit in your pack and stay out of the way while hunting
  • Makrolon® housing
    is durable polycarbonate with NBR Long Life rubber armoring, creating a lightweight, rugged chassis that withstands 11 Gs of impact. Impervious to harsh conditions for generations of trusted use.

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