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Orion Binoculares Astro 15x70

Nº de producto: 22582
Fabricante: Orion

$ 122,00

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Descripción del producto:

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Please note: This text is taken directly from the manufacturer.
These refreshingly affordable astronomical binoculars will gobble up photons from night-sky objects without eating through your wallet. With big 70mm lenses and 15-power magnification, our new Orion 15x70 Astro-Binocular is an excellent choice for those looking for bright, high-powered views of the night sky. Lake the moons of Jupiter, craters and mountains of the moon, and blue sky objects from dark skies. These big binoculars are great for chasing open star clusters, even less than inky-black urban skies. BAK-4 prisms, fully multi-coated optics, and internal baffling are characterized by the virtue of high-quality transmission through the 15x70 Astro-Binocular and view. Eyeglass wearers can enjoy the view through these affordable performers without taking off their 18mm eye relief. Foldable eyeguards provide helpful protection from distalizing peripheral light sources, and they conveniently fold down for comfortable use with eyeglasses.

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