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Noblex Binoculares 7x40 B
Noblex Binoculares 7x40 B
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Descripción del producto:

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Take your most stringent demands, such as are already met by some of the Noblex binoculars. Extend these by the most extreme conditions you can imagine, for instance those prevailing during expeditions in icy artic regions or in the desert. That takes you to where the 7x40 B or the 10x42 B will — in the true sense of the word — prove to be an unbeatable partner. Despite its extreme sturdiness, no compromise has been permitted as far as weight or even the quality of the lenses are concerned.

  • Shock-absorbing rubber armouring
  • Extremely hard, broadband coated lenses
  • Telephoto lens design
  • 5-lens eyepiece
  • A light weight at 980g or 1090g

In conjunction with the elaborate 5-lens eyepiece, the telephoto lens design creates an enormous optical resolution capacity. With the large-dimensioned roof prism system, wide open optical beams are possible on the inside and light losses are clearly reduced. Heavy metal-free optical lenses, the hard broadband coating of the lenses, a nitrogen filling and the non-slip and shock-absorbing rubber armouring make these binoculars an optimum companion on any continent.

The extremely light-weight, but exceedingly sturdy aluminium-magnesium die cast housing provides the 7x40 B and 10x42 B models with their proverbial ruggedness, especially for professional applications: at sea, in the desert or in the mountains. For both models, special emphasis was placed on originality without compromise and distinctive functional design.

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