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Geoptik Bluetooth & WiFi PushTo Nadirus 12"

Nº de producto: 64971
Fabricante: Geoptik

$ 387,00

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Descripción del producto:

La descripción de este producto no está disponible en español. Esperamos que la versión en inglés le sea de utilidad. En cualquier caso, sentimos las molestias.

The Nadirus Push-To system is a passive (non-automatic) tracking and tracing system that can be adapted to any type of Dobsonian, which allows the observer to control the telescope (always manually) with extreme precision because it is assisted by a software capable of decoding in real time, even the smallest movements of the instrument and therefore to give precise indications to the observer on how to operate to keep the object always observed in the field of view.

Unlike other passive pointing systems, the Nadirus Push-To uses only one encoder that must be positioned at the base of the instrument. For the second movement no encoder is needed because it is obtained electronically.

Once installed the encoder is sufficient to connect it via cable to the box of the controller and power it (you can use a small 5V Power Bank)

At this point, once you have installed the SkySafari App (not the free version) on your device (cell phone or Ipad) just turn on the system and connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (for IOS only Wi-Fi)

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