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Meade Telescopio AC 60/800 Infinity AZ

Nº de producto: 59563
Fabricante: Meade

$ 110,00

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Meade Telescopio AC 60/800 Infinity AZ
Meade Telescopio AC 60/800 Infinity AZ
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Descripción del producto:

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Meade's Infinity series telescopes are ideal for anyone looking for an inexpensive introduction to astronomy.

  • explore the Moon and planets - discover the lunar craters and mountains, admire Saturn's magnificent rings and observe the four largest moons of Jupiter - as Galileo Galilei once did. But also observe the brighter nebulae, such as the Orion Nebula 1350 light-years away! Countless double stars, such as the beautiful double star Albireo in Cygnus, can also be made out.
  • the alt-azimuth mount is intuitive to operate and immediately ready for use. The tripod is also quite light, making the entire system portable.
  • delivery includes everything that you will need, especially eyepieces, which allow you to use various magnifications. The 1.25" focuser is a standard size that allows the use of a multitude of other accessories.

This item, included in the accessories, lets you see an upright non-reversed image in the eyepiece - making this telescope, in combination with the alt-azimuth mount, also ideal for nature-watching by day.

The AC 60/800 OTA is a very popular entry-level instrument - its 60 millimetres aperture objective lens allows you to explore the night sky in some detail. This instrument lets you see many more stars than with the naked eye alone, and lets you marvel at the famous Orion Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy with its companions. The low aperture ratio ensures a chromatic aberration free observing - so you can observe the Moon and the planets without irritating colour fringing.

Refractor telescopes such as this are also particularly suitable for children, as the eyepiece is located nearer the ground and can be reached without needing a ladder. Also, operation is very intuitive and no collimation is necessary - a telescope for beginners and the entire family!

Included as a bonus - AutoStar Suite® Astronomer Edition software on DVD. This Windows operating systems software can show you over 10,000 astronomical objects. You can also use it to plan your observing and even print out star charts using it.

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