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GSO Telescopio Dobson N 250/1250 DOB

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Fabricante: GSO

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GSO Telescopio Dobson N 250/1250 DOB
GSO Telescopio Dobson N 250/1250 DOB
GSO Telescopio Dobson N 250/1250 DOB
GSO Telescopio Dobson N 250/1250 DOB
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Descripción del producto del fabricante:

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GSO Dobsonian telescopes offer very good value for money - the optical performance of this reflecting telescope is outstanding, thanks to a high-quality primary mirror and improved mirror coating. The telescope also boasts very robust mechanics and ease of use. Dobsonian telescopes provide maximum astronomical performance within their price range.

Contrast and sharpness of the image - we recommend these telescopes to every amateur astronomer who wants to have fun observing. Due to better anti-reflective properties, nebulae and galaxies appear even brighter than in similar telescopes of the same aperture. The amount of detail observable on the Moon and planets is particularly good. The secondary mirror has been optimized and minimal obstruction; its thin spider vanes mean improved contrast and sharpness.

Setting up and getting started - GSO Dobsonians are simply and robustly designed, so even beginners will have no problem getting to grips with these telescopes. The instrument is ready for use within just a few minutes. Set down the rocker box - the lower part of the device - hang the tube with the round altitude bearings wheels into the receivers and tighten the springs. The instrument is then ready for observing.

Add-on options - GSO Dobsonians provide an ideal start in astronomy - you get a high-quality telescope. If then, later, you become interested in, for example, astrophotography, you can buy accessories that allow you to use the Newtonian on an equatorial mount. Also filters, additional eyepieces, corrector systems or even bino-viewers are available from us for this telescope.

The quality of the main mirror - the main mirror is the most important element involved in producing the image. We use selected GSO mirrors of the highest quality. Each mirror's performance is significantly better than diffraction-limited, guaranteeing you will enjoy your observing.

The Crayford focuser - a robust Crayford has some significant advantages over a simple rack and pinion focuser:

  • smooth and sensitive adjustment for precise focusing even at high magnification
  • gentle clamping of eyepieces and adapters via a clamping ring - so no screw pressing directly onto the eyepiece and possibly tilting it out of the optical axis.
  • the use of ball-bearings means the image does not tilt during focusing - a problem with many cheap focusers.

Location and tracking of astronomical objects - the location and also the tracking of nebulae, galaxies and planets take place by hand with this telescope. For this reason, smooth and accurate movement is essential. A tension spring for elevation ensures controlled counter-pressure when slewing. So the telescope will not lose the object in view if, for example, the eyepiece is changed. The horizontal axis is also equipped with ball-bearings, ensuring smooth movement.

Active main mirror ventilation - telescopes are not always kept directly at the observing site. This can result in the primary mirror being at a different temperature to that of the environment. A fan, located behind the main mirror holder, blows the cooler air from outside onto the back of the main mirror, thus reducing the cooling time. Also, warm air from the OTA interior is removed faster.

Comentario de nuestros expertos:

Los telescopios Dobson son grandes equipos que cuestan poco dinero. Son muy populares entre los aficionados por su sencilla construcción y manejo. El seguimiento de los objetos astronómicos se realiza forma manual. Han sido diseñados para realizar observaciones visuales. Gracias a su abertura relativamente grande, los cúmulos globulares se aprecian con gran resolución y se distinguen diferentes estructuras dentro de las nebulosas. Además, con los accesorios necesarios es posible realizar fotografías de la Luna o el Sol. Para fotografiar otros objetos será necesario tener una montura con unidad de seguimiento. El equipamiento de la montura se puede ir mejorando con el tiempo.

(Bernd Gährken)

Dobsonian telescopes offer a lot of telescope for the money. They are often purchased by beginners due to their simplicity and ease of use. Tracking is done manually. These instruments are primarily designed for visual observing. Their relatively large apertures mean you can resolve globular clusters and also see some structure in nebulae. Photography of the Moon and Sun are also possible with the appropriate accessories. Photography of other celestial objects requires a mount with tracking capabilities. This mount can be retrofitted later.

(Bernd Gährken)

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