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Bresser Telescopio AC 90/500 Messier OTA

Nº de producto: 54712
Fabricante: Bresser

$ 143,00

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Descripción del producto:

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Under the name Messier , the traditional Bresser offers telescopes for ambitious beginners at an excellent price-performance ratio . The Messier telescope systems can be extended and retrofitted so that they can be used far beyond the first entry point.

The achromatic refractor AC 90/500 offers a good light collection performance due to its large opening of 90mm. The focal length of 500mm ensures a particularly large field of view. Both together allow very impressive wide-field observations of open star clusters and the Milky Way. Here, this look is not only interesting for the beginner, but also for the experienced observer. If, on the other hand, you want to observe lunar and planets in particular, optics with a longer focal length would be better, for example the AC 90/900.

Thanks to the extensive accessories included in delivery you can use the telescope after unpacking immediately for sky observation. For the land observation, you should get yourself another Amici prism.

It depends not only on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our extra services:

  • With each telescope we deliver an edition of the exciting astronomy magazines "Stars and Space".
  • We are a leading dealer in telescopes and know our equipment well. Our service is therefore also available to you after the purchase if you have problems with setup or operation.
  • We will provide each telescope with the 80-page entry-level Telescope ABC manual.

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