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Astroart Software 6.0 CD-ROM

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Fabricante: Astroart

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Astroart Software 6.0 CD-ROM
Astroart Software 6.0 CD-ROM
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Descripción del producto:

Astroart 6 plus Astroart 7 online upgrade:

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A complete software for image processing, photometry, astrometry, camera control and image stacking for digital and film images.

  • All major CCD cameras are supported by Astroart. Focusing, autoguiding, imaging and scripting become easy and quick.
  • All major telescopes, filter wheels, focusers are supported too. New drivers are released almost every month.
  • Astroart is also an open system with plug-in support. All programmers of C, C++, Pascal can create new filters using the free development kit.


  • Advanced filters: Adaptive low pass, Maximum entropy deconvolution, Larson Sekanina, hot pixel removal, unsharp mask, remove gradient, deblooming, DDP, FFT, etc. with full preview.
  • Astrometry and photometry: with integrated star atlas, GSC included, USNO and UCAC supported. MPC reports, aperture photometry, batch photometry, estimation of measuring errors, plate solving. MPCORB minor planets.
  • Image stacking: Automatic on sets of images, with sub-pixel precision. Five algorithms (star patterns, one star, two stars, planet, correlation), drizzle, color synthesis and batch processing.
  • Color imaging: Native 96 bit, visualized in real time without modifying the underlying data. Quadrichromy LRGB and WCMY with L.A.B. conversion. Color balance, color curves, adaptive saturation.
  • High speed: Astroart is a extremely fast software thanks to its code optimized in SSE assembly.

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