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noctutec Secador para telescopios de 2"

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noctutec Secador para telescopios de 2"
noctutec Secador para telescopios de 2"
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Descripción del producto:

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Against moisture in the telescope: Fits every 2 "eyepieces!

The telescope dryer is used to eliminate and prevent moisture in telescopes. It protects your system permanently and at the same time prevents the penetration of dirt. A permanently dry system does not provide a breeding ground for the production of lens fungus.

The situation: They spent one night outdoors and dew settles on all surfaces. All your equipment gets wet. In the case of newtonian systems, this moisture reaches even the inside of the telescope.
But it is not only due to damp dampness. Alone as a result of temperature fluctuations, moisture is generated inside telescopes. Even seemingly closed systems such as refractors, SCs or RCs are by no means protected from moisture formation inside!

The manufacturers give little help with drying. The dust protection at the telescopic opening is usually removed for ventilating and drying the tube in Newton telescopes. For RCs and SCs, the dust protection is removed from the eyepiece outlet and the devices for ventilation are placed downwards with the correction plate.
All this makes little sense because:

  • Through the opening of the dust protection dirt particles of all kinds, eg dust, pollen and insects, can penetrate unhindered. This applies to all systems!
  • By placing an RC or SC with the correction plate downwards, water spots may remain on the plate.
  • There is always a certain residual moisture in the device.
  • Mechanical components, such as the focusser, can be damaged by dirt and rust.

All this usually leads to the fact that the devices must be completely disassembled and cleaned. In some cases the bearings of the focusers have to be renewed. Especially for RCs and SCs a great and expensive effort.

Even worse is oxidation or the attack with lens fungus on optical surfaces. Many expensive devices fell victim to these problems.

The solution: simply replace the dust cover of the eyepiece extractor with the noctutec® telescopic dryer.

Inside the dryer are silicate balls , which absorb the moisture. Protection prevents particles of the drying agent from entering your telescope. When the silicate spheres are saturated, they change their color from orange to green. You can open the dryer and dry the balls. This works in the oven at 50 ° C. You can also place the balls in a ceramic bowl on the heater. If the silicate is dry, the indicator assumes its original color. The dryer is now again fit.

The noctutec® telescope dryer should not be missing on any telescope!

Made in Germany!

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