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Meade Ocular Series 5000 MWA 5mm 1,25"

Nº de producto: 59518
Fabricante: Meade

$ 326,00

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Meade Ocular Series 5000 MWA 5mm 1,25"
Meade Ocular Series 5000 MWA 5mm 1,25"
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Descripción del producto:

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Series 5000 Mega Wide Angle Eyepieces: Sharp, pin-point images from the center all the way to the edge of its Mega 100 Degree Apparent Field of View

The right eyepiece can make or break any telescope. After all, why squint through a tiny pinhole when you can linger at a dramatic window on the universe and examine every detail? Meade Series 5000 eyepieces offer revolutionary new advances in resolution, image correction and eye relief at irresistible prices. You simply won’t believe how a premium eyepiece improves your view, no matter what scope you own. See pinpoint resolution edge-to-edge with luxuriously long eye relief.

The 100 degree apparent field of view MWA eyepieces currently are Meade’s widest angle eyepiece. Experience bright, sharp, sweeping vistas of the heavens; vistas so large that you feel that you are “sky-walking” through the skies.

Mega Wide Angle Series 5000 Eyepieces use between 7 and 9 optical elements to achieve a high contrast image with razor sharp correction all the way to the edge of their huge 100 degree apparent field of view. These lenses are Fully Multi-Coated with blackened edges and fold-up rubber eyecups. All available focal lengths are parfocal.

For uncompromising views that make any telescope better!

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