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Explore Scientific Ocular 62º, LER Ar, 5,5 mm, 1,25"
Explore Scientific Ocular 62º, LER Ar, 5,5 mm, 1,25"
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Descripción del producto:

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The Explore Scientific 62 ° eyepieces not only provide excellent edge clarity even with fast optics and a large field of vision, but you can also easily overlook the entire field of vision with glasses due to the large eyebrow. Fatigue due to cramping head retention and strained observation do not occur due to the excellent viewing characteristics of these eyepieces.

The argon filling effectively prevents fogging from the inside and they do not need to be afraid of dust, glass fungus or the penetration of cleaning liquid. The eyepieces are sealed with water. This guarantees that they will have pleasure in these high-quality eyepieces for many years and countless observations.

Other features:

  • Patented EMD coating for maximum contrast
  • Carefully blackened lens edges to avoid reflections
  • Stainless steel plug-in sleeve with conical safety

The abbreviation LER stands for Long Eye Relief , ie for large eye gaps. These eyepieces are ideal for spectacle wearers !

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