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TS Optics Ocular de Ronchi, 1,25"

Nº de producto: 1982
Fabricante: TS Optics

PVP: $ 55,00

Nuestro precio:
$ 47,90

IVA incluido
Ahorra: $ 7,10
TS Optics Ocular de Ronchi, 1,25"
TS Optics Ocular de Ronchi, 1,25"
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Descripción del producto:

La descripción de este producto no está disponible en español. Esperamos que la versión en inglés le sea de utilidad. En cualquier caso, sentimos las molestias.

This handy new accesorry will give you major help to check the quality of nearly any scope you´re coming along in the future!

Basically all abberations of an optic can be seen in a Star Test, but this requires very steady air and lots of experience by the observer!

Compared to the Start Test the Ronchi Test works also with medium air and also a Beginner will be able to do a correct Analysis of an instrument after a short period of learning!

This Ronchi eyepiece is equiped with a vacuum metalized chrome on glass grating with 10 lines per millimeter. The grating is on the telescope side of the glass and is exactly in the same plane as the outer stop.

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

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