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PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro

Nº de producto: 56999
Fabricante: PrimaLuceLab

PVP: $ 2.340,00

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$ 2.040,00

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Ahorra: $ 300,00
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
PrimaLuceLab Controlador para astrofotografía EAGLE 2 Pro
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Descripción del producto:

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EAGLE combines, in one device, a powerful (not a miniPC!) computer with Windows 10 Enterprise operative system (more stable and compact version than normal computers) to the most advanced power management system for telescopes to allow you to make astrophotography easier and quicker! Thanks to integrated WiFi system you can control the entire telescope remotely from your smartphone, tablet or external computer (also Mac) and the special PLUS aluminum case can be connected in various ways to your telescope, always with maximum rigidity.

The new integrated EAGLE Manager software shows in real time devices connection status, power consumption of every device and battery life: this way you can monitor, also remotely, your telescope status during astrophotography capture! Thanks to the innovative design protected by international patent application and Italian utility model, you won't need anymore uncomfortable laptops or large batteries on the field. EAGLE, much more than a computer!

Astrophotography can be complicated and, especially, to record the best pictures, control computer and various electronic devices are the key. These instruments, however, make it complicated to setup the telescope in the field (often in isolated places with low light pollution) and to use, with many cables that may accidentally disconnect off during use! More, laptop computers have a high power consumption and thus they require large and heavy batteries to be powered for all the night. EAGLE solves all these problems and make astrophotography easier and faster!

What you can do with the EAGLE

  • Control any mount using the planetarium software: thanks to SkyCharts software pre-installed on every EAGLE, gone are the days of hand-pad limitations having now a great planetarium software to move in the night sky. Get access to millions of objects, all with a lot of data and point your telescope (compatible with mounts with ASCOM drivers) where you want, just by selecting the object you see on the screen!
  • Remotely control the DSLR or CCD camera: install on the EAGLE the software for Windows included with the camera (not included in EAGLE) you use for astrophotography and convert it into a wireless camera! You can watch the real-time image on the device that you use to control your EAGLE powered telescope, save it on EAGLE or on a USB pen to import into the computer used to process the pictures!
  • Simply setup and use autoguide: EAGLE comes with the PHD2Guiding software pre-installed then it allows you to start autoguiding with many different cameras and mounts! Observes the image of the guide star and the correction chart, so you can verify the tracking accuracy of your mount for your long exposures astrophotography.
  • Extending functionality by installing new software: EAGLE uses the Windows operating system so you can expand its features in a very simple way, by installing the astronomical software you like, just like a regular computer.

EAGLE Advantages

  • Easier to use: eliminates the need for an external computer. Since EAGLE connects directly to the telescope and rotates with the mount while it track the stars in the sky, the problem of cables that can detach during astrophotography sessions is overpassed. USB and power cables will not come off accidentally as EAGLE moves with the telescope!
  • More compatible: it allows remote control via Ethernet or WiFi from any device (smartphones, tablets, computers) with any operating system (iOS, OSX, Android, Windows). It's compatible with all software for astrophotography with any telescope, CCD cameras, guide cameras and computerized mounts.
  • More efficient: it manages the power for all telescope components and it reduces the size and weight of the batteries required for power up everything. For remote control EAGLE doesn't use VNC or similar but Remote Desktop integrated in the Enterprise licence of operative system: that's why it's faster and it doesn't need other software to be installed or set.
  • More stable: it uses a Windows 10 Enterprise operative system, lighter and more stable than the one found in traditional PCs (that use Windows 10 Home or OEM with many preinstalled useless programs that make the system slower) but 100% compatible. EAGLE uses internal components designed also for field use and with extended temperature range.
  • More portable: it is lightweight and compact, weighing only 1200 grams and it integrates seamlessly into the PLUS system. If you don't you have a PLUS element or if you use other's brand telescopes, just add our "Vixen + Losmandy PLUS dovetail clamp" to the EAGLE and connect it to the Vixen or Losmandy dovetail bar of your telescope.

Please Note: Eagle is being supplied without any cables. You can find the cables you need with the "Recommended accessories".

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