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Orion Montura Monster, paralelogramo, con trípode

Nº de producto: 44457
Fabricante: Orion

$ 600,00

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Orion Montura Monster, paralelogramo, con trípode
Orion Montura Monster, paralelogramo, con trípode
Orion Montura Monster, paralelogramo, con trípode
Orion Montura Monster, paralelogramo, con trípode
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Descripción del producto:

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The new 'monster' parallelogram mount for large astronomical binoculars

The main problem with using astronomical binoculars is well-known - they are so big and heavy that you can't hold them for very long before your arms get tired and the image becomes unsteady. Using a camera tripod for binoculars is also not an option, as the binoculars can't be properly pointed at all parts of the sky.

Orion has the answer - the Monster Parallelogram mount has been specially developed for astronomical use and guarantees hours of comfortable observing. The mount can carry binoculars up to 7kg and up to 100mm aperture and allows you to observe the entire sky, even the Zenith. Attachment is via an L-bracket which securely attaches any binoculars possessing a tripod connector. Small telescopes can also be attached via their prism rail.

Thanks to the parallelogram construction of this binocular mount, the optics can be adjusted in height without losing track of the object you are observing. This ingenious feature is ideal if you want to observe in a group or with children. Two counterweights ensure ideal balance.

This binocular mount opens up the sky for observing with your binoculars. It is an ideal complement to the limited field of view inherent when observing with a telescope.

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