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Skywatcher Montura Mini Star Adventurer Wi-Fi. Photo Set

Nº de producto: 49494
Fabricante: Skywatcher

$ 260,00

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Skywatcher Montura Mini Star Adventurer Wi-Fi. Photo Set
Skywatcher Montura Mini Star Adventurer Wi-Fi. Photo Set
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Descripción del producto:

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NPI-5054The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Wi-Fi (SAM) is a compact high-precision camera tracking platform that is ideal for long exposure astrophotography as well as time-lapse photography in daytime and night time settings.

SAM easily fits in your backpack or camera bag, making it a convenient travel companion that can venture with you into remote locations.

SAM comes with built-in WiFi and the free Star Adventurer Mini Console App for Android and iOS platforms, allowing it to be remotely controlled with your smartphone. SAM is easy to set up and to operate in all of its modes.

Although capable of supporting larger camera lenses, SAM is ideal and very simple to use for Widefield Astrophotography with a standard camera lens of 55mm or shorter focal length, as only a rough polar alignment is necessary, making it ideal for all kinds of amateur photographers unfamiliar with astronomy.

Star Adventurer Mini Wi-Fi Astro Set: includes the Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) mount, polarscope and polarscope illuminator, dovetail L-bracket and equatorial wedge. Sky-Watcher shutter release cables can be purchased separately for most popular camera models/brands.

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