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Bresser Montura StarTracker PM-100

Nº de producto: 62936
Fabricante: Bresser

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Bresser Montura StarTracker PM-100
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Descripción del producto:

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This lightweight mount allows for wide-angle shots of the night sky.

The mount is simply attached between the camera and a photo tripod. It tracks the camera with the rotation of the sky, so you can choose longer exposure times without the stars turning into streaks. The camera's photo lens takes on the role of a telescope, so to speak.

Exposure in five minutes: After setting up the lightweight and compact photo mount, simply set the approximate latitude (altitude) on the video tilt head and aim for Polaris using the polarscope tunnel. Then mount the camera on the heavy ball head included in the scope of delivery using the quick-release changing plate. With the ball head, the camera can be aimed at any section of the sky and locked in place at any time. As soon as the tracking motor is switched on, the long exposure can be started immediately.

Typically achievable exposure times:

  • 16mm-35mm wide angle lens: 10 minutes (600s)
  • 200mm telephoto lens: 5 minutes (300s)

The tracking is achieved by a precise stepper motor, which can be set to different speeds via the operating menu. The clear LC display makes it easy to operate. The low power consumption allows up to 20 hours of operation with only one battery charge. Alternatively, power can also be supplied via the micro-USB connection.

Other features:

  • Fits in almost any photo bag
  • Adjustable tracking speeds
  • Can be set for northern and southern hemisphere
  • Time-lapse function and azimuthal movement adjustable from 15min to 48hrs.
  • Tripod connection thread 1/4" and 3/8

A ball head with quick-release changing plate is included in the scope of delivery.

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