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Descripción del producto:

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This easy to transport, computerized telescope will provide beginners with a lifetime of pleasure!

  • This extremely compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is basically a reflecting telescope with an additional Maksutov lens at the front. This corrective lens ensures a crisp image with no chromatic aberration.
  • The altazimuth mount uses two motors, for horizontal and vertical movement, to navigate the night sky.
  • The well-proven Autostar electronic control hand box comes included in delivery. The AutoStar software works without needing a PC or laptop, and lets you automatically slew to and follow a large number of astronomical objects, so that the target object always remains in the field of view despite the earth's rotation.
  • The LED red dot finder provided makes observing the night sky even easier.
  • An optional 45° erecting prism can be used to turn the telescope into a spotting scope for observing terrestrial objects during the day.

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