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AstroMedia Kit Telescopio reflector newtoniano

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Fabricante: AstroMedia

$ 26,90

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Descripción del producto:

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Cardboard kit for making a fully functional Newtonian reflector telescope on a Dobsonian mount for the price of a good shaving mirror. OTA length - 440mm, aperture - 60mm.

The heart of this kit, the main mirror, which is made of ground and polished glass with a 70mm diameter and 450mm focal length, is specially produced for us by Baader Planetarium - the leading German specialist for telescopes and astronomical accessories.

2 eyepieces, with acrylic glass lenses, provide 16X and 30X magnification, allowing observation of lunar craters and, with careful adjustment of the main mirror, even Jupiter's moons.

It is constructed from sturdy, stamped cardboard, lovingly decorated in a gold print design.

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