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IDAS Filtro Nebula Booster NB1 de 48 mm, 2"

Nº de producto: 61148
Fabricante: IDAS

$ 336,00

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IDAS Filtro Nebula Booster NB1 de 48 mm, 2"
IDAS Filtro Nebula Booster NB1 de 48 mm, 2"
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Descripción del producto:

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This new, very interesting nebula filter is permeable to the spectral lines H-Beta, OIII, H-Alpha and SII - and with very high transmission! It is therefore ideal for the photography of large fog areas , in which he lets pass the typical colors of these objects and blocks the disturbing sky illumination. In particular, the filter quickly cuts off the near infrared, all the way up to 1100 nanometers. This is important because cameras are sensitive to this area, but the telescope optics are optimized for the visible spectral range and faulty in the infrared range.

The Nebula Booster is particularly suitable for fast lens optics , as they are preferred for the astrophotography of large fields. The filter glasses are 2.5 millimeters thick. It can therefore be exchanged with other 2.5mm thick IDAS filters without changing the focus position.

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