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Baader Filtro 470nm 1,25"
Baader Filtro 470nm 1,25"
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Descripción del producto:

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The Baader color filters are carefully manufactured for amateur astronomical purposes. The glasses are plane-optically polished . These filters far exceed the quality of the usual, "raw polished" (= hot flamed) colored glass filter.

Thanks to the fine-optical polishing, these filters can be used anywhere in the beam path - far before the focal point (e.g. in front of a binocular approach!) Without causing optical errors (astigmatism) or otherwise deteriorating the image in any way!

Other special properties of the Baader filters:

  • Elaborate frame with the largest possible free opening to prevent vignetting
  • CNC-milled "handle crown" - offers excellent handling convenience
  • 7-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides with only 0.25% residual reflection per surface

Light blue bandpass filter 470 nanometers: filter for visual and photographic planetary observation

  • To observe high clouds on Mars, to increase the contrast of haze layers on the terminator of Mars (violet clear glass)
  • Shows reddish structures darker, therefore the ideal filter for observing the large red spot on Jupiter - also shows details in the Saturn ring better
  • To observe structures in the Venus atmosphere, also highlights fine details in the gas tails of comets
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