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Descripción del producto:

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This premium solar filter is safe to photograph and view the sun. Slip your solar filter over telescopes, spotting scopes, cameras or any optical device. The Helios Solar Glass® has a rating of Neutral Density 5 therefore blocking 99.999% of all light, including harmful IR and UV rays.

Seymour Solar mounts the glass into an aluminum ring that slips over the sky end of your optical tube. Secure and center the filter with a nylon thumb screw and felt tabs for filters 2" thru 4". Three nylon thumb screws are used in Solar Filters 4.25" thru 16". Instructions for proper use and care for your Solar Filter insure a long filter life. When used properly, a natural yellow-orange image of the sun is viewed through the filter. Dependent on the size and strength of the optical device, you will see solar granulation (suns photo-sphere). Sunspots, planet transits, and a solar eclipse may be observed when present.

The substrate is made of highly reflective, Helios Solar Glass®.

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