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Descripción del producto:

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Extend LRS-1000

Laser rangefinder of Yukon with 6x magnification for distances of up to 1000 meters.

The Yukon rangefinder Extend LRS-1000 offers the possibility to determine distances up to 1000 meters with a 6-fold magnification. The Yukon LRS-1000 determined by laser (harmless to the human eye), the exact distance of the respective object under observation. Here, the desired object is sighted through the eyepiece and starts the distance measurement by pressing a button. Within a few seconds, the measurement result can be easily read in the field of view. The device operates with a fixed-focus over the entire distance range, so that an additional focus is required.

There are different settings for distance and speed measurements. Optionally, can be measured in yards or meters. The measuring and display electronics via a battery (included) operated.
The compact dimensions, the extremely low weight, wide range of applications and ease of use make the Yukon LRS-1000 an ideal companions on walks, when hunting, the stadium and other outdoor activities.

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