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Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX

Nº de producto: 65067
Fabricante: Orion

$ 315,00

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Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
Orion Trípode de carbono Tritech CFX
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Descripción del producto:

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Thanks to its carbon fiber construction, the Orion Tritech CFX Tripod is about 30% lighter than metal tripods of similar size. Plus, the carbon fiber tripod legs also dampen vibrations more effectively compared to metal tripods for steadier performance and more stable images.

The Tritech CFX tripod legs boast three extendable sections with robust flip-lever leg locks for fast setup, takedown, and length adjustments. What's more, each tripod leg can be set at four different angle positions for optimal setup on any terrain. Foam hand grips on all three tripod legs make the Tritech CFX easy to grab and move, even in cold or damp weather. Threaded rubber feet at the end of each tripod leg can be retracted to expose metal spikes for extra stability in especially rugged settings.

On top of the tripod sits a sturdy aluminum fluid pan-head with three axes of motion and two twist-lock handle grips for exceptionally smooth altitude and tilt control. The two twist-lock handle grips are delightfully easy to locate and manipulate while peering through attached instruments such as spotting scopes and binoculars. A handy bubble-level on the pan head provides an easy way to ensure attached instruments are kept level when desired.

An included quick-release mounting plate features a captive ¼"-20 threaded post with D-ring for tool-free attachment of cameras, spotting scopes, small telescopes, binocular adapters, and more. The Tritech CFX provides stable support for instruments weighing up to 15 pounds. To keep attached instruments safe and secure, the mounting plate is held captive until released by depressing a button on the pan head.

With an extended height of 54.5" plus 10.5" additional height with the center column extended, the Tritech CFX can hold attached instruments at a maximum height of 65". A secondary 3/8" threaded mounting post on the bottom of the central column comes in handy when low instrument positioning is desired.

Includes fully padded soft carry case with shoulder strap. The Tritech CFX collapses down to just 29" long for convenient transport and storage.

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