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Cullmann Trípode de aluminio Rondo 480M RB8.5

Nº de producto: 63835
Fabricante: Cullmann

$ 118,00

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Cullmann Trípode de aluminio Rondo 480M RB8.5
Cullmann Trípode de aluminio Rondo 480M RB8.5
Cullmann Trípode de aluminio Rondo 480M RB8.5
Cullmann Trípode de aluminio Rondo 480M RB8.5
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Descripción del producto:

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Well equipped and robust: The new RONDO tripods by CULLMANN

Six models for all cases are offered by the new RONDO product series. Common to all models is the comprehensive equipment at an affordable price . Anyone who discovers photography as a hobby will quickly become acquainted with the advantages of tripods. No matter whether studio photography, people or landscape shots on the move : With the right tripod even better pictures are created. With the new RONDO tripods, the accessory specialist CULLMANN launches a series that stands out with its high-quality features and robust construction - and at the same time offers a good price-performance ratio.

Overall, the RONDO series consists of six different models. They are all made of aluminum ; the torsion-resistant tripod legs are made of anodized aluminum. The tripod legs are protected with high quality foam. Sturdy clips allow the secure clamping of the tripod legs. Non-slip rubber feet give the tripods their secure footing even in rough terrain. For safe transport, all tripods are delivered with a sturdy transport bag. Depending on the model, the RONDO tripods are equipped with a robust ball head or 3-way head (see picture). With the exception of the 400T, all RONDO tripods also have a detachable monopod. Additional ballast can be attached to the rotating metal center post hook, such as a camera bag, to better stabilize the tripod in windy environments.

The six tripods differ in their height, the pack size, their carrying capacity and their weight. The minimum height of the tripods ranges from 28 cm to 48 cm, the maximum height of 89 cm up to 185 cm. With pack sizes between 29 cm and 48 cm, all RONDO models are stowed compact and bring with a maximum of 1650 g no great weight. The carrying capacity of 3 kg to 4 kg makes the tripods suitable for larger DSLR cameras.

Features of the Rondo Tripods:

  • Robust ball head (RB versions) or 3-way head (RW versions) made of aluminum
  • 3-fold tripod leg adjustment incl. Macro position
  • Anti-twist tripod legs made of anodized aluminum
  • Includes detachable monopod (except model 400T)
  • High quality foam to protect the tripod legs
  • Secure tripod leg clamping with sturdy clips
  • Rotatable center column hook made of metal
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Including a sturdy transport bag

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