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Celestron Telescopio Maksutov MC 102/1325 NexStar 4 SE GoTo

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Fabricante: Celestron

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Descripción del producto:

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Celestron telescopes return to their roots with orange OTAs on the new Celestron NexStar SEs - back to the classic Celestron signal colour of the 1970s, but now with modern technological features and coating technology that amateur astronomers at that time could not have imagined in their wildest dreams:

XLT coating: this multilayer anti-reflection coating gives Celestron SE telescopes the highest light transmission tested, i.e, up to 10% more light makes it into the eyepiece, particularly in the important wavelength range to 500nm.

Finally - the 'Travel Pro' - the first flexible use fork mount from Celestron. This has a built-in stand, which can also be used without a tripod. A knob allows the OTA to be disconnected from the Celestron Travel Pro fork mount, allowing you to take the telescope on flights as hand luggage and to put the mount in a suitcase. Also other telescopes, useful for other purposes, can be connected onto the same fork mount - such as a solar telescope or various cameras with different lenses, etc.

GoTo control with 'SkyAlign'. It has never been so easy to align a telescope: no spirit levels, aligning with the North Pole, compass, or finding of Polaris is necessary (a balcony observatory!). Simply enter the location coordinates and time, point at any three stars - whose names you do not even have to know - and press 'Enter'. The telescope immediately 'knows' the sky and can slew to up to 40,000 pre-programmed objects as if by magic.

Update-capable hand controller: Future-proof thanks to flash-EPROM technology, can download the latest control software version via the Internet at any time.

GPS module (optionally available): Even saves your having to enter the location coordinates and time. This data is obtained automatically by the GPS module directly from the GPS satellite system each time you use the telescope.

Direct control of digital SLR cameras using the supplied cable is possible for NexStar SE 4 and SE5. Allows continuous shooting - with a lunar eclipse, or for monitoring functions for example.

Remote control via PC: Using the 'NexRemote' program, included in delivery, allows remote control of the telescope by any laptop / PC.

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