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NiteHog Cámara térmica TIRM-35 Chameleon

Nº de producto: 62567
Fabricante: NiteHog

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NiteHog Cámara térmica TIRM-35 Chameleon
NiteHog Cámara térmica TIRM-35 Chameleon
NiteHog Cámara térmica TIRM-35 Chameleon
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Descripción del producto:

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TIR M35 Chameleon

Multifunctional thermal imaging device (camera) for image clarifying and observation. The nitrogen-filled Nitehog M35 is milled from a magnesium ingot CNC and equipped with in-house manufactured, high-quality germanium lenses. It can be used as a hand-held monocular and an adapter (auxiliary device)*.

  • Hand held or to be adjusted in front
  • 1 x optical and 4 x digital zoom
  • Weather-dependent image optimisation
  • Stadiametric distance measurement
  • Standby function
  • W-LAN ready
  • power supply 2x CR 115A, 2x RCR 115, 2x 16650
  • including 2x accu and charging device

What are the advantages of thermal imaging devices?

  • Independent from residual light and weather conditions
  • Quickly produces a clear image over long distances and large areas of land
  • Improved first (opening) shot control
  • Successful and safe at the thorough search: heat source detection already at great distances
  • Avoid faulty shots: protection for the leaders of the herd
  • Control of the danger area before shooting
  • Reduces game losses
  • Best suitable to save young animals: assistance during scanning the meadows
  • Game age detection: different thermal images for summer and winter coats
  • Thermals bridges detection at the dwelling
  • Range of application by increased safety requirements (object protection)

*Legal Notice: Before attaching to weapons check the regional legal regulations as to whether this is permitted in the field of application. The attachment to a weapon is always the sole responsibility of the user.

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