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Starlight Xpress Cámara All-Sky Oculus 180 Mono

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Fabricante: Starlight Xpress

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Starlight Xpress Cámara All-Sky Oculus 180 Mono
Starlight Xpress Cámara All-Sky Oculus 180 Mono
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Descripción del producto:

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Oculus is the new standard for monitoring the sky: So you will always have the weather, meteors and fireballs in view - also ideal for remote observatories!

A CCD sensor from Sony is used in this camera, which features low dark noise and a very fast electronic shutter. The fish eye lens has a fast focal ratio of f2 and a full 180° field of view from horizon to horizon. This creates dreamlike images of the night sky!

Some features:

  • The camera is housed under a small polycarbonate dome, so making it weatherproof. The position of the camera under the highly polished dome was chosen so that any distortions are minimized. An L-mounting plate with 1/4 inch tripod mount comes included in delivery. The plate also allows the camera to be mounted onto a building or an observatory.
  • The Oculus camera is supplied with power via an USB connection, as is common with other astronomy CCD cameras. It also has a 12V connector for the built.in heater which protects the camera from dew forming.
  • The software included lets you take a series of images which can then be combined into an AVI video to show the events of the night.

Starlight Xpress even exclusively uses grade 1 quality or better CCD chips for this camera!

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