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Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color

Nº de producto: 59430
Fabricante: Bresser

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Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color
Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color
Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color
Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color
Bresser Cámara Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25" Color
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Descripción del producto:

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Equipped with the new highly sensitive SONY IMX290 CMOS color sensor, this camera delivers astonishing image results even with simple telescope equipment due to extremely short exposure times. In addition, this modern camera can also be used as an autoguider.

An all-round camera that not only delivers super-sharp planetary shots, but also works great for shooting faint DeepSky celestial objects like planetary nebulae.

The secret of high photosensitivity is the new back-illuminated CMOS sensor from SONY. This increases the quantum efficiency to up to 77% at 533nm , which means an extremely high light output and thus delivers very bright and high-contrast photos. In addition, the ultra-low noise level of this new SONY chip generation ensures exceptional high brilliance and no cooling is required. Due to the high native pixel resolution of 1936x1096 together with suitable telescopes very nice overview shots of the moon, but also detailed planetary shots possible.

The included ToupSky software not only provides the basic functions required for image and video recording, but also many helpful special functions for image post-processing and to set up the Guider. Functions such as live image display, exposure settings, white balance, dark imaging, stacking, timelapse recordings and much more can be individually configured. Especially the very sophisticated software makes the entry into the astrophotography really easy. With the automatic settings, you can produce absolutely presentable results without much prior knowledge. If you want, the automatic settings simply turns off and gradually ventures to the individual professional settings.

Connect the camera directly to the ST4 port of your telescope mount and you have a fully automatic tracking control. Thus long-term exposures of several minutes are possible without the stars producing unwanted line marks due to the constant synchronization variations of a telescope mount. An appropriate ST-4 connection cable is even included with the camera. Because of the high sensitivity of the camera, you will always find a suitable guide star even with very short exposure times.

The autoguider software is not included. PHD Guiding, Guidedog, Metaguide, Guidemaster (Freeware) or AstroArt, MaxIm DL (chargeable) can be used:

  • PHD Guiding: http://www.stark-labs.com/phdguiding.html
  • GuideDog: http://barkosoftware.com/GuideDog/index.html

For connection, the camera has a 1.25 "socket, 1.25" filter thread (M28.5x0.6) and C-mount thread (1 "x1 / 32").

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