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Atik Cámara Titan Mono
Atik Cámara Titan Mono
Atik Cámara Titan Mono
Atik Cámara Titan Mono
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Descripción del producto:

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With the penny! Atik planetary and deep sky images succeed equally - also ideal for Guiding!

At a very good price, you get a versatile instrument and do not have to choose between a planetary camera or a CCD for DeepSky.

Thanks to active cooling the readout noise is low enough to allow fine details appear on long time-exposure photographs. For planetary imaging but not sensitivity but resolution and speed is crucial. The Atik Titan can do both!

  • Planets, moon and sun: In high-speed mode, the titanium takes up to 15 frames per second. Thanks to the high frame rate (frame rate) gets the camera the precious moments when the Seeing allows a clear view of the planet's surface. The subsequent image processing (stacking) can thus compose of the best frames a complete recording. The uncompressed 16-bit format can also low-contrast structures such as fine swirl in the clouds of Jupiter come forward.
  • DeepSky: Thanks to its low readout noise, the titanium in DeepSky mode can convince. Its advanced cooling allows long exposure times for faint objects such as planetary nebulae and galaxies.
  • Guiding: The Atik Titan is also an ideal guiding camera due to its combination of sensitivity and high frame rate. It has to have a standard ST-4 port in order to connect directly to a computer controlled mount. The included recording software of Atik is suitable as Guding software.

With the supplied software from Atik, you can make all necessary image processing steps, so that you are not dependent on other programs.


  • camera
  • USB cable, 3 meters
  • Power cable, 1.8 meters with connection to cigarette lighter
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and manual (PDF)
  • Quick guide in paper form

The camera is a monochrome or color camera available (Mono or Color). All cameras are compatible not only with the Atik capture software, but also with Astroart and Maxim DL. For Atik software minimum system requirements Pentium III is PC with 128MB RAM.

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