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noctutec Buscador solar easy-sun-finder
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Descripción del producto:

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The sun seeker "easy-sun-finder" enables the fast and safe search of the sun . Please use only on telescopes with solar filters!

The sun seeker has a small hole in the front pane. Here enters the sunbeam. On the second surface of the viewfinder you will see target rings. In the middle of these rings you can see a bright matt reflecting round. The incident sunbeam is visible as a small round disk. Move the telescope until the light spot of the sun comes to rest on the reflecting surface in the middle. The sun is set now.

More than three mounting options:

  • Mounting directly on the telescope tube: You will receive a sun finder with a mounting kit. This set allows to mount the viewfinder directly on each telescope tube. A special mounting base (included in the delivery) can either be glued with power strips, bolted to the tube or attached with long cable ties (not included).
  • Installation in the standard viewfinder shoe: the foot of the sun finder "easy-sun-finder" fits into the normal standard viewfinder shoe
  • Mounting on a Telrad Finder: The mounting kit includes a rider, which is clicked as a mounting base on the Telrad. This tab takes on two sockets on the base of the sun seeker. The rider and the pedestal remain at the Telrad. The entire unit can be pushed back and forth on the Telrad. So you continue to get to the battery and the inner workings of the Telrad. All Tauschutzdappen for the Telrad available on the market can still be used!

Scope of delivery: Sun finder, viewfinder shoe, rider for Telrad, 2x countersunk screw M4x8 with nut (stainless steel), 1x clamping screw, assembly instructions

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