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Meade Amortiguador de vibraciones, 3 unidades

Nº de producto: 47689
Fabricante: Meade

$ 78,00

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Meade Amortiguador de vibraciones, 3 unidades
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Descripción del producto:

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A very easy way to further improve the damping time of your Meade telescope. These pads reduce typical vibration damping times to less than one second. Compatible with all models which have a tripod.

The Vibration Isolation Pads are highly desirable for sensitive imaging applications as well as those who may routinely engage in observing at the very highest magnifications. Additionally useful if local observing conditions frequently involve significant and/or gusty winds.

Set of three pads, constructed with multiple materials engineered for maximum vibration damping and speed. Place one pad under each tripod leg and immediately enjoy a reduction in vibrations visible in the eyepiece, improving telescope performance for your most demanding applications.

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