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euro EMC Set de ruedas neumáticas de Ø200 mm

Nº de producto: 16830
Fabricante: euro EMC

$ 290,00

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euro EMC Set de ruedas neumáticas de Ø200 mm
euro EMC Set de ruedas neumáticas de Ø200 mm
euro EMC Set de ruedas neumáticas de Ø200 mm
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Descripción del producto:

La descripción de este producto ha sido traducida por un ordenador. Para más información, por favor contacta con nuestro personal de atención al cliente.

The air wheels in stainless steel holder are used for easy movement of the tripod with a telescope in rough terrain. They are mounted quickly and can be used together with the castors.

The retrofit is possible, but we recommend the order already with the foot part of the tripod. In addition, the handlebar should be ordered, since only with this rod a use of the pneumatic wheels makes sense (see figure on the right).

The column stand S130: Easy to move, precise and stable:

The stationary use:

  • Why build a stationary column with so important anchoring in the ground with great constructional effort?
  • Why build a "property" and set itself in the amount and position permanently?
  • Just stand up! - The position is completely defined by the ground fixation
  • Carries playful and largely vibration- free 40kg telescope weight
  • Up to 50 times higher torsional stiffness compared to the best German wooden tripods
  • Industrial German engineering quality

The mobile application:

  • Watch within minutes
  • Always perfectly reproducible installation
  • Not solid but stiff: highest rigidity at moderate weight due to intelligent material distribution
  • The power supply 12/24 volts is housed in the foot: foot, column and mount are separable without loss of Nordung

You can configure the pillar stand S 130 yourself for your application.

You need:

  • the foot part
  • a column in the desired length
  • an adapter for your mount

There are other useful accessories. You will find all this if you enter the series name Euro-EMC S130 in the search field above. But we are also happy to advise you.

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