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Hotech Punteros láser HyperStar Laser Kollimator 8"
Hotech Punteros láser HyperStar Laser Kollimator 8"
Hotech Punteros láser HyperStar Laser Kollimator 8"
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Descripción del producto:

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8" HyperStar Laser Collimator for SC telescopes with an aperture of 200mm

Introducing the fast and precision laser collimator for HyperStar telescope
This patented collimator elevates the HyperStar collimation into a new dimension.
- accurate collimation without using a star.
- collimate indoor at final view setting without taking up your precious observing time.
- achieving complete optical train alignment using one device

Collimate Within Focal Distance From Your Telescope
The HyperStar Laser Collimator does not require long distances to achieve high-accuracy collimation. Utilizing the installed flat mirror at the focal point (imaging sensor location), the collimator lasers double-passes the optical train and magnifies the alignment errors to a higher accuracy level. In addition, it also cuts the collimating distance in half achieving near-field alignment process. The collimator is stationed within your telescope's focal length directly in front of your telescope. Setting up for collimation, you will be standing between the telescope and the collimator aiming both the telescope and the collimator at each other. Then you will adjust the HyperStar collimation knobs to bring the returning lasers on the same track. This is a very convenient one-man-operation collimation task.

Package includes:
1 x Advanced SC Laser Collimator
1 x 8" HyperStar reflector mirror adapter
1 x High accuracy dual-sided reflector mirror with detachable target cap
1 x Fine Adjustment Stage
1 x CR123 3V battery
1 x Premium carrying case with manual

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