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Lunt Solar Systems PCUSB Pressure-Tuner Controller with USB

Nº de producto: 59333
Fabricante: Lunt Solar Systems

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Lunt Solar Systems PCUSB Pressure-Tuner Controller with USB
Lunt Solar Systems PCUSB Pressure-Tuner Controller with USB
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Descripción del producto:

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Electronic control with USB port for the LUNT pressure tuner system.

The PC-USB is a microprocessor controlled pressure regulator for the pressure tuner (PT) tuning process. It can easily be connected to all LUNT instruments with pressure tuner, the PCUSB is simply connected to the pressure tuner with an air hose. All existing PT systems can be retrofitted with the supplied adapter. The PC-USB control can be used at any height.

The PC-USB control can be operated either directly at the console or via USB via computer (operating system Windows 7 or higher). The computer control requires a USB cable with USB-B plug, this cable is not included.

Turning on the PC-USB will set the system to ambient pressure, which will take about 60 seconds. The PCUSB is a simple 2-button system. A button for the increase and a button for reducing the pressure in the pressure tuner. Digital feedback and corresponding displays are available. With a setting accuracy of 0.027 bar (0.4 PSI), the PC-USB enables very precise control of the pressure tuner. Changes in internal pressure, for example due to changing temperatures, are automatically compensated. The PC-USB can be programmed to a specific wavelength setpoint. This setpoint is then kept constant regardless of the altitude of the observation site.

By slightly changing the air pressure, PC-USB can very well observe Doppler effects. Normally, a telescope shakes during mechanical tuning. This is particularly noticeable at high magnifications unpleasant, for example, in the observation of Doppler effects in a filament. With the PC-USB, this tremor is a thing of the past for all magnifications, making the observation of Doppler effects much more comfortable.

The PC-USB can be operated continuously for more than eight hours via an internal battery. In addition, it has an external power supply (15V DC), with which the device can be operated while the internal battery can be charged.

The scope of supply includes an air hose of three meters in length next to the power supply.

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