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Bresser Mobile Power Station 100 Watt

Nº de producto: 63756
Fabricante: Bresser

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Bresser Mobile Power Station 100 Watt
Bresser Mobile Power Station 100 Watt
Bresser Mobile Power Station 100 Watt
Bresser Mobile Power Station 100 Watt
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Descripción del producto:

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The portable energy storage (power bank) has a powerful 155Wh lithium-ion battery and various connection options. Most common electronic devices can be operated and charged. This means that you always have sufficient energy back-up, whether in tough outdoor use, in the garden or in the event of a power failure at home.

Includes a switchable LED lamp and a red-light bar for orientation in the dark with emergency signal function and over 100 hours of light.

Connection options: Charge up to three USB mobile devices such as phones, cameras, drones, etc. simultaneously. Power supply for up to three 12-volt devices. With the two adapters from 5.5/2.1mm hollow plug to cigarette lighter socket included in the scope of delivery, car/camping devices such as coolers, water pumps, mini compressors, air pumps etc. can be connected directly. In addition, a socket with 230 volts and 100 watts continuous power for connecting chargers for notebooks/tablets/smartphones etc. or other electrical devices in this power class.

Please note that you still need the Bresser Cable de adaptador KFZ de 12V / 7,5m for use on a Bresser Exos-2 mount.

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