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Descripción del producto:

La descripción de este producto no está disponible en español. Esperamos que la versión en inglés le sea de utilidad. En cualquier caso, sentimos las molestias.

These highly rated D21 eyepieces are matched to 1/100th focal length. Typically being 21.6mm, they have a 65 degree AFOV and of course are fully multi-coated.

They exhibit NO pin cushion distortion and produce amazing contrast, whether used for nighttime observations of planets, lunar and DeepSky or daytime views in white light and H-Alpha (Sun). Please be sure to ALWAYS use an appropriate protection filter when viewing the Sun!!!

The product photo shows the D21 eyepieces in a Binotron27 Super System with Filter Switch (not included with the D21 eyepieces).


  • available focal length: 21mm
  • 1.25" eyepiece barrel format
  • 65 degree AFOV
  • fully multi-coated on all air to glass surfaces for ultra-high efficiency transmission
  • high Index Japanese glass utilized
  • 20mm eye-relief
  • black anodized aluminum housings and barrels with rubber
  • knurled grip
  • laser engraved logo
  • rotating batwing eye-guards
  • weight: D21: 8 oz. each

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