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Walther Linterna RLS450

Nº de producto: 48456
Fabricante: Walther

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Walther Linterna RLS450
Walther Linterna RLS450
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Descripción del producto:

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Walther RLS-Series
The Walther Rotary Light Series has a unique selling point in the range of lamps. By a rotary switch at the front of the lamp, the desired brightness can be adjusted directly in 3 stages. The lamp complies with the dust and waterproof to IP X8. There is a bag, spare switch cover and a seal to each lamp.

Walther RLS450
Dust and waterproof lamp whose brightness is adjustable in 3 steps. Simply select whether you need the rotary switch a powerful beam of light with 600 lumens, for close to 270 lumens or reading with 80 lumens. The removable ROPS prevents rolling of the lamp. This lamp can be attached to the tripod thread also means many mounts and tripods. Thanks to the belt clip or carrying case, you have the lights always close at hand. The robust aluminum case weighs only 80 grams.

Optinal to the relatively expensive photo batteries You can operate this lamp with battery. The matching quick charger with rechargeable battery can be found here.

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