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Böker Scout Spearpoint Desert Ironwood

Nº de producto: 63705
Fabricante: Böker

$ 215,00

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Böker Scout Spearpoint Desert Ironwood
Böker Scout Spearpoint Desert Ironwood
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Descripción del producto:

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Boker Scout Spearpoint Desert Ironwood

The Böker Scout has been linked to our name since 1985. The classic pocket knife with backlock locking has always been an integral part of our range over the years and has already been produced in numerous variants. The task for our designers and engineers was this time to develop a new blade for the scout and at the same time preserve the elegant lines of the icon.

The completely redesigned Spearpoint blade with elegant ricasso on the blade back fulfills this requirement profile perfectly. The scout now looks more modern and dynamic, without being obtrusive or even aggressive in the performance. For the first model in this version, we have chosen dull polished, certified imported desert iron wood as a sounding material, which blends well with the ergonomically shaped handle made of sintered nickel silver . The blade is made of nitrogen alloy N690 and is ground flat.

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