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Böker Barlow Prime Maserbirke

Nº de producto: 63706
Fabricante: Böker

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Böker Barlow Prime Maserbirke
Böker Barlow Prime Maserbirke
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Descripción del producto:

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Boker Barlow Prime

The characteristic drop shape of the Barlow can be traced back to the English pocket knives of the 17th century, making it certainly among the oldest models ever. The name of the classic probably goes back to a well-known, industrious knife manufacturer from Sheffield, who began in 1800 to export the robust knives to North America. There they immediately enjoyed great popularity and so appeared at the end of the 19th century in the history of Böker manufactory, the first Barlow models.

The newly interpreted Böker Barlow Prime is equipped with shorter-designed jaws and features a N690 nitrogen- alloyed blade . It is equipped with a modern, elongated ricasso , the operating safety of the slip joint is increased by a 90 degree detent when opening and closing.

The jaws and the Erl are made of stainless steel, the handles are made of stabilized wood of Scandinavian curly birch .

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