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Descripción del producto:

La descripción de este producto ha sido traducida por un ordenador. Para más información, por favor contacta con nuestro personal de atención al cliente.

BP is an abbreviation for Bandpass: The filter opens at 642nm and closes again at 842nm . It blocks the longwave infrared, unlike Astronomik's two other ProPlanet filters.

Together with the Astronomik filters ProPlanet 742 and ProPlanet 807 , you can now select three wavelength ranges for infrared images to obtain optimal images.

With the ProPlanet 642 BP you get three filters in a single product: Depending on which camera you use the filter with, it is a great tool for infrared photography with a digital camera, reduces seeing and amplified in high-resolution planetary and lunar photography contrasts. It is also a low-cost H-alpha filter for entry into the DeepSky astrophotography of emission nebulae.

Infrared photography:

  • High contrast images with excellent color differentiation
  • Great rendering of the Wood effect
  • Avoid hot spots
  • Exposure times as under "normal light"
  • Great for IR movie shooting!

High-resolution lunar and planetary photography:

  • Short exposure times
  • Effective reduction of air turbulence (Seeing)
  • Reinforced contrasts in the red area
  • No ghosting and sharpness by blocking the long-wave IR

Deep-Sky Astrophotography of H-alpha Mists:

  • Maximum transmission of the H-alpha line at 656nm
  • Enormous contrast gain under light-polluted skies or moonlight
  • Affordable entry into the H-alpha photography
  • Easy focusing with LiveView possible!

Further field of application: Guiding in astrophotography . The 642BP in front of your autoguider improves the quality of your tracking significantly, as it minimizes the jumps through Seeing!

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