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Descripción del producto:

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All mounts of Astro-Physics can be operated completely via the hand control. A PC or laptop is not needed.

The handheld digital display and dedicated keyboard are intuitive and easy to use, while providing great features to make the viewing session productive and enjoyable. This "handheld computer", which even winter cold nights can not harm (please contact us if you want to operate the mount in extreme temperatures below -20 ° Celsius), is used to control the mount with a variety of functions:

  • has a choice of different correction and positioning speeds. SN-SOW keys allow for quick positioning or, if slow speeds are selected, the exact positioning of an object in the center of the field of view or the centering of an observation object in the center of the chip by hand. The assignment of the NSOW buttons to the top, bottom, left and right can be freely selected depending on the telescope position (East or West).
  • Different speeds for guiding via an ST4 compatible CCD camera are available
  • the tracking speed can be chosen between sun, moon and star
  • the programming of the periodic worm error and the gear play in right ascension and declination are of course also possible
  • fully automatic positioning of the mount on your selected observation object with a maximum positioning speed of 5 degrees per second (1200x). 600x and 900x are also adjustable for large telescopes
  • extensive database of more than 17,000 objects: Messier (110), NGC (7840), IC (5,386), ADS double stars (215), Abell galaxy clusters (2,712) constellation (1053), common objects (100), planets (8), Moon and sun. Alternatively, the desired RA / DE coordinates can also be entered directly
  • Several hard-coded software routines allow a fast and easy adjustment of the polar axis and the azimuth. At the end of an observation night, the telescope can be moved to one of three different or any parking positions. This parking position (the motor encoder positions) are registered in the manual control - when the power supply is switched off. As a result, it is possible to position fully automatically and precisely directly from the parking position, even in the daytime sky or during the next observation night. Or simply switch off the power supply in any telescopic position.
  • Updating the control software over the Internet is standard. A PC or laptop is not needed. If required, all mounts can also be controlled via the following external software packages: PulseGuide, TheSky, GUIDE, Desktop Universe Earth Centered Universe (ECU), SkyMap Pro, Starry Night Pro, any other software based on the ASCOM platform

The hand control unit can be used with all versions of the Astro-Physics GTO control boxes: GTOCP1, GTOCP2, GTOCP3 and GTOCP4.

Suitable for the following GTO mounts: GTO-Mach1, GTO-1100, GTO-1600, GTO-3600 and the older GTO-400, GTO-600E, GTO-900 and GTO-1200

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