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Baader Abrazadera ClickLock, 2" M54

Nº de producto: 53089
Fabricante: Baader

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Baader Abrazadera ClickLock, 2" M54
Baader Abrazadera ClickLock, 2" M54
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Descripción del producto:

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This adapter fits to focusers with M54x1 internal thread, as used for example by Skywatcher. Attach via the threaded adapter on the telescope and you can use over the ClickLock connection accessories with 2 "-Steckmaß.

For installation you only need to unscrew the black original version of the focuser, so as shown in the two pictures.

  • A 20 ° rotation by pressing the rotary lever is sufficient to the accessory absolutely secure and firmly fix.
  • Ratchet function - shows acoustic and haptic to the position of the clamp. And thus you see in the dark and without look whether the terminal is open or closed.
  • Compression clamping ring of thick-walled hard bronze, retains its shape even after years and holds the most expensive accessory totally safe with no scratches and bruises cause
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