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Dover Libro Making Your Own Telescope

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Descripción del producto:

A book that has been used with great success by countless amateur astronomers, this volume presents complete and detailed instructions and numerous diagrams showing how to construct a do-it-yourself telescope. No complicated mathematics are involved, and no prior knowledge of optics or astronomy is needed to follow the text's step-by-step directions, which also offer instruction in the fundamentals of practical optics.


1. Story of the Telescope

2. Materials and Equipment

3. Mirror Grinding

4. The Pitch Lap

5. Polishing-Testing-Correcting

6. The Paraboloid

7. The Diagonal

8. Tube Parts-Alignment-The Finder

9. Eyepieces and Related Problems

10. The Mounting

11. Aluminizing and Cleaning

12. Setting Circles-Equatorial Adjustment

13. Optical Principles-Atmosphere-Magnitudes

14. A Second Telescope. Appendixes. Index.

Reprint of the Sky Publishing, Cambridge, MA, 1973 edition.

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