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Orion Mapa estelar Deep Map 600

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Descripción del producto:

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It's the first ever chart that folds up like a road map! DeepMap 600 shows the positions of the 600 finest celestial objects visible from the Northern Hemisphere. All are plotted on a giant 33 "x 21" full-color star chart by world-renowned star-mapper Wil Tirion. DeepMap 600 is designed for easy-to-use and fast-moving objects with telescopes and binoculars. Color-coded symbols identify more than 500 galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters-including all 109 Messier objects-as well as some 100 of the most interesting double and variable stars. No other single star chart includes so many objects! What makes DeepMap 600 really indispensable is that it folds up to a thin, pocket-size 4-3 / 4 "x 10-1 / 2-just like a road map! star atlases, and observing references to interesting objects to view.

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